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Meet Your Shrewsbury Eye Doctor

Welcome to Premier Eye Center in Shrewsbury, where Dr. Lawrence Filak Jr. and our optometric team dedicate themselves to your eye health. Whether you seek diabetic eye care or glaucoma treatment, our personalized services ensure comprehensive and attentive care. Discover why Premier Eye Center is your trusted choice for advanced eye care in Shrewsbury.

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Dr. Lawrence A. Filak Jr.

A native of Cresson, Pennsylvania, Dr. Lawrence Filak Jr. is a renowned optometrist known for his commitment to eye care excellence. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Gannon University and a Doctor of Optometry degree from Nova Southeastern University, Dr. Filak's expertise extends to an ocular disease externship at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Dr. Filak founded Premier Eye Center in 2005, driven by a desire for personalized service. Beyond professional pursuits, he values family and showcases a warm, patient environment. His love for sports reflects discipline, teamwork, and competition.
As your dedicated eye care partner in Shrewsbury, Premier Eye Center ensures a balance between exceptional services and a welcoming atmosphere. For all your eye care needs, trust us to safeguard your precious eyesight.

Beyond eye care, Dr. Filak passionately engages in sports, with a particular fondness for golf, baseball, and football. These pursuits offer him recreational joy and mirror his deep appreciation for discipline, teamwork, and healthy competition. Dr. Lawrence Filak's diverse background, encompassing education at esteemed institutions and varied professional experiences, highlights his steadfast commitment to patient well-being. As the founder of Premier Eye Center, he continues to deliver exceptional eye care services. Dr. Filak values the importance of family and finds balance and fulfillment in activities that enhance his life.