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Premier Eye Center — Your Shrewsbury Vision Wellness Hub

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Meet Your Trusted Shrewsbury Eye Doctor, Dr. Filak

Dr. Filak is not just an optometrist; he's your trusted local eye care partner. With a focus on a balanced mix of medical eye care and optical services, Dr. Filak and our dedicated team create a small, happy, and harmonious office culture.

Your Family’s Local Eye Care Partner in Shrewsbury

As your local optometrist in Shrewsbury, we are committed to your family's eye health. We provide clarity and answers to ease the anxiety associated with a diagnosis of various eye conditions, from myopia to cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or common concerns like red eyes.

Patient Reviews — Hear From Our Valued Community

Discover heartwarming stories from our patients, sharing their journeys with Premier Eye Center's compassionate and personalized care.

Our Commitment to You

Premier Eye Center is committed to offering you the finest vision and eye health care. We prioritize overall patient wellness and education and maintain the highest healthcare standards. We aim to provide compassionate, lifelong patient eye care in a comfortable and professional environment.

Immediate Support — We Take Eye Emergencies

If you experience an eye emergency, contact us immediately for guidance. Loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection — we help prevent complications for long-lasting clear eyesight.

Call our office at (717) 987-6280 for further instructions. If our office is closed, you can reach Dr. Filak at 717-993-9336 or his cell at 717-676-5720.

What Sets Premier Eye Center Apart

A Caring Focus

Our staff and eye doctor in Shrewsbury offer primary eye care for all ages. We take pride in getting to know you and understanding your needs and limited time.

Knowledge & Technology

Our staff and technology are always up-to-date with the latest in eye care knowledge, from the effects of blue light to myopia and glaucoma. Visit Premier Eye Center, your next favorite optometrist near you.

Unique Designer Frames

Because looking good is feeling good, our collection of quality frames is carefully curated to reflect your unique style.

Back to School – Why You Need To Check Your Child’s Vision

Check your child's vision before school starts. Discover the benefits of regular eye exams for kids.

Top Tips to Manage Dry Eye Syndrome

Discover effective strategies to manage dry eye syndrome with our expert tips. Visit Premier Eye Center for personalized treatment and comprehensive eye care. Book your eye exam today!

How Allergies Can Affect Your Vision

Learn how allergies can impact your vision and discover effective strategies for managing eye allergy symptoms. Visit Premier Eye Center for expert care and personalized treatment. Book your eye exam today!