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We're located at 73 E. Forrest Avenue, Suite 215, Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, 17361.

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Very thorough exam. Dr. Filak and staff are friendly and welcoming.
3 weeks ago
- Dorothy W.
I have been a patient of Dr. Filak for over 20 years. He is so much more thorough with examing your eyes, not just an in and out chain type place. Have always loved the staff and glad I can continue seeing one doctor who knows my vision problems and keeps everything up to date. I highly recommend Premier Eye Center and has state of the art equipment to do a proper, deeper exam. Wonderful, top notch Doc!!!
4 weeks ago
- Suzanne S.
My family and have been going to Premier Eye Center for years. The staff is always attentive and polite. Dr Filak is the best. He explains everything that he does and why. He makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed during the exam. Many years ago my son was away at college and he accidentally fell asleep with his contacts in his eyes. When he awoke he couldn’t open his eyes. I called Dr Filak in the morning, went to pick my son up an hour away and turned around and headed to Dr Filak’s office. He saw my son right away He offered to come in on the weekend and told us to call him in the evening if my son wasn’t getting better. He was genuinely concerned. If you’re looking for a new eye doctor, Premier Eye Center is the place!
2 months ago
- Gina B.
I recently went to Dr. Filak for my annual eye exam. I explained that I hadn’t really been able to wear my contacts because my eyes were bothering me.  During the exam, he walked me through exactly what he was doing and what he was looking for.  After he examined my eyes, he told me that I have dry eyes, which is why my contacts were bothering me.  He explained what it means to have dry eyes and had me come in for a follow-up appointment.  At the follow-up appointment, he performed additional tests, determined the degree to which I have dry eyes and put me on a treatment plan.  After following his directions, my eyelids were much better.  I’m still working to unclog my tear ducts, but it will take time.  I was really impressed with the amount of technology he has in his office, from the initial eye exam to the dry eye exam.  I would recommend Dr. Filak to anyone looking for an optometrist for regular eye care, but also for treating dry eyes.
2 months ago
- Amy P.
Top notch doctor and staff with amazing state of the art equipment. Doctor also takes the time to explain the tests and the results in easy to understand dialog! Highly recommend!!!
2 months ago
- Don S.
Dr. Filiak and thanks a caring staff were a pleasure! They are always so friendly and helpful….and Dr Filak was so knowledgeable…he taught me a lot about caring for my eyes! I would highly recommend them!
2 months ago
- Leanora B.
Love Premier Eye Center. Dr Filak is very thorough and easy to talk to. Staff is very professional and appointments run on time.
2 months ago
- Michael P.