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Nidek Auto Phoropter

Nidek Marco RT 2100 Digital Refractor ThumbnailThe NIDEK REFRACTOR Model RT-2100 is a computerized refractor used for subjective refraction when connected to the NIDEK AUTO REFRACTOMETER (AR) , AUTO REF/ KERATOMETER (ARK) and AUTO LENSMETER (LM)*1. The doctor has a fully computerized refraction system that simplifies and speeds up refraction for the best possible prescription for your visual needs.


  • High contrast LCD screen with full data displayLots of information is just a click away on your display with options to view pupil distance, previous lens data, refractor lens settings, unaided visual acuity, objective measurements, chart indications and full test data to name a few
  • Simple dial operation
  • Full program in 5 different sequencesFrom unaided measurement to full prescription, you can set the RT2100 up exactly how you want
  • Automatic VA value prediction
  • Final Fit… Compute the most comfortable value automatically with extra refinement via semi auto adjustment
  • Various interface functions to connect to external appliances
  • All the masked charts are switchable for single letter masking
  • Selectable dioptric steps
  • Subjective refinement from selectable AR/LM data
  • Selectable axis and prism steps
  • Selectable automatic PRISM feeder speed
  • The following can be input, printed out and transmitted to PC:Stereoscopic vision test resultAniseikonia test resultWorth test resultNear point of convergence NPC valueNear point of accommodation NPA valueNegative relative accommodation NRA valuePositive relative accommodation PRA valueFAR/NEAR divergence and convergence test dataKM data of ARKADD/PRISM data of LM
  • Direct input of AR/LM data from non Nidek instruments
  • Long working distance
  • Cross cylinder lenses
  • High quality near point card